November 9th, 2017

International driverless shuttle expert to be keynote speaker at international driverless vehicle summit

Delegates attending the 2nd International Driverless Vehicle Summit will be amongst the first in the world to hear the latest results from a UK-based driverless shuttle trial – with the transport option predicted to become commonplace in the years ahead

Summit keynote speaker, and Aurrigo Chief Operating Officer, Dr Richard Fairchild, said the series of demonstrations on selected public roads and footpaths in Milton Keynes and Coventry provided critical insight into the future of urban public transport and user acceptance.

“Australia is well-placed on in the global race to introduce driverless vehicles to the road network, and our pods offer opportunity for the public to experience this transport technology in a way which delivers real benefit while seamlessly integrating into our daily lives,” Dr Fairchild said.

“The Milton Keynes trial has seen 35 pods deployed as a public transportation service, with people being able to hail a pod using a mobile app and take a journey within the central business district, and the strong community take-up has surpassed all expectations and shows that the public are prepared to embrace this technology,” he said.

“Australia offers a massive opportunity to take our self-driving pod technology and apply it to the nation’s ‘first and last mile’ transport issues, and is perfectly suited to carrying people and cargo around pedestrianised areas such as theme parks, university precincts, retirement villages, hospitals, airports and shopping centres.”

Aurrigo currently offers two pod variants – a four-seater and eight-seater – which have an operating speed up to 24km/h, multiple battery options up to eight hours or 80 kilometres, wheelchair accessibility and air conditioning. All the pods operate autonomously through multiple sensor technologies, including stereo cameras, LiDARS (laser-based light detection and ranging sensors), odometry and ultrasonics.

The Summit – to be held in Adelaide, South Australia on 16-17 November 2017 – has a theme of ‘Translating technology to real world deployment’, and delegates will get updates from an array of prominent ADVI partners and other national and international experts. More about the Summit and the exciting 2-day program can be found at

Dr Richard Fairchild, Chief Operating Officer, Aurrigo – speaker overview

After completing a PhD on the feasibility of autonomous navigation in 2009, Dr Richard Fairchild worked in research developing V2V and V2I technologies and improving access to transport for vulnerable and elderly passengers through technology. In 2011, he moved to industry, where he worked to set up and manage an automotive telematics division at RDM Group in Coventry. Where, amongst other projects, he delivered a bespoke telematics software package, reporting movements of 1,200 vehicles at a huge international sporting event in London during the summer of 2012.

Richard left RDM in 2013 to take a position of Engineering Director at AVID Technology Group in Newcastle, winning several awards and was responsible for developing and supplying advanced electrification solutions into heavy-duty vehicles across the world.

Having returned to RDM and setting up the Aurrigo division in early 2017, Richard has taken up the challenge of developing connected mobility solutions utilising autonomous vehicles to improve transport choices and accessibility for all travellers.

Aurrigo is a division of RDM Group based in the UK. Aurrigo’s self-driving pods provide mobility within urban areas, shopping malls, airports, university campuses, science parks and other areas that are poorly served by traditional transport providers. Aurrigo design, develop the vehicles and autonomous control system in house and provide a full transportation field operating service,

About the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI)

ADVI is the peak body that spans the wide ecosystem of driverless vehicles in Australia and New Zealand. With a membership of 100 leading organisations across a wide range of sectors, ADVI offers a unique opportunity for Government to collaborate with Industry and researchers, to position Australia and New Zealand amongst the world leaders in the development and deployment of driverless technology. ADVI’s education, advocacy and demonstration efforts help to inform and raise awareness, encourage community acceptance, and ensure understanding of the economic, environmental and lifestyle benefits of driverless vehicles.

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