August 31st, 2017

IDVS 2017 Media Kit

Thank you for your participation at the International Driverless Vehicle Summit 2017.

By making use of the elements in this media kit, you will be helping to promote the event and let your peers know that you will be participating in the event.

In the media kit you will find:

  • Email signatures – these can be put into your email signature block to inform others of your participation.
  • Online banners – for use on your site, if it has the ability to display online banners.
  • Flyer – for printing out and having available to help promote the event.
  • Poster – for printing out and put up around the office to inform colleagues.
  • Summit logo – this can be used on any relevant collateral to mark your participation in the event.
  • Social media – samples have been written up for you to make use of on social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter). The official #IDVS2017 and #ADVISummit are included in for the easy population of posts.

Please click on the button below to start the download of your media kit.

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