Cohda Wireless technology in innovative trial to keep traffic moving in Sydney, Australia.

Cohda Wireless’s connected vehicle technology is being applied in an innovative trial that aims to reduce traffic congestion in Sydney.
The trial, an initiative of Transport for New South Wales in conjunction with the Roads and Maritime
Services, seeks to remedy traffic congestion by better managing the flow of trucks. More than 100
participating freight vehicles have been fitted with Cohda Wireless technology to allow them to
effectively ‘talk’ to traffic lights, keeping the light green as they approach so that they keep moving
through the intersection as opposed to having to slow down, stop and pull off again – a major cause
of traffic congestion.
Cohda Wireless chief engineer Fabien Cure said:
“We have all experienced the frustration of being stuck behind a truck as it slowly grinds up through
the gears once the light turns green. Sometimes the light turns red again before we even reach the
intersection. By coordinating traffic lights and trucks we hope to gain evidence of improvements to
the flow of traffic on these roads.”
Cohda Wireless will be working closely with Roads and Maritime and Transport for New South Wales
to analyse the results over the three-month period of the trial.
“The results of the trial will be of great interest to a global audience of city transport authorities as it
will test whether traffic flow in a defined corridor has improved, the CO2 footprint of the specific
intersections has reduced and the amount of fuel saved by the trucks involved” added Mr Cure.
The trial site consists of 40 kms (25 miles) of important freight routes in Pennant Hills, Parramatta
and King Georges roads, some of the busiest thoroughfares in the region.