ADVI congratulates program partners on SA beachside shuttle trial

The Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) has offered its congratulations to ADVI program partners SAGE and Local Motors following news of a driverless shuttle trial to be conducted along the Glenelg beachfront in South Australia by the partnership.

ADVI Executive Director, Ms Rita Excell, said “This demonstrates the opportunities that can be achieved through strong collaboration between Industry and Government, and we are pleased to see two of our valued partners – SAGE and Local Motors – come together to make this exciting trial a reality.”

“There are significant economic benefits that can be achieved by partnerships such as this between two world leading innovative companies. This trial allows people to experience the technology first hand against one of Adelaide’s most idyllic stretches of metropolitan coastline and in the heart of such a major tourism precinct,” she said.

“This builds on numerous successful partnerships forged from the ADVI collaboration, which spans across Australia and internationally – many with SA-based organisations such as Cohda, SAGE, and Flinders University.”

“The potential benefits on offer are massive. ADVI research shows potential for $95 billion a year in economic value, and as many as 16,000 new jobs can be achieved if a proactive approach is taken to the introduction of autonomous vehicles in Australia.”

Ms Excell said driverless shuttles offer an intelligent and environmentally-friendly mobility option that will change the way people navigate, access information, and interact with one another.

“In late 2017 ADVI showcased driverless shuttle technology in the heart of the city as part of our 2nd International Driverless Vehicle Summit, so it is great to see two of our program partners advance plans to deploy this technology as part of a more comprehensive local trial,” Ms Excell said.

“In support of our ongoing collaborative efforts with our partners to safely introduce driverless vehicles to Australian roads, ADVI is well-advanced in planning the 3rd International Driverless Vehicle Conference in Adelaide in November which will host national and international expert delegates and showcase the latest developments in driverless technologies,” she said.

“With such strong interest in this technology, ADVI is proud to play a key role in leading the safe introduction of this technology onto our road networks with our many program partners.”

About the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI)
ADVI is the peak body that spans the wide ecosystem of driverless vehicles in Australia and New Zealand. With a membership of more than 110 leading organisations across a wide range of sectors, ADVI offers a unique opportunity for partners to collaborate with Governments, Industry and researchers, to position Australia and New Zealand amongst the world leaders in the development and deployment of driverless technology. ADVI’s education, advocacy and demonstration efforts help to inform and raise awareness, encourage community acceptance, and ensure understanding of the economic, environmental and lifestyle benefits of driverless vehicles.

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