Regardless of whether an organisation chooses to be a core or supporting partner, they still enjoy being an active participant in the future of Australian motoring. What is the difference between the levels of support available?


Our Core Partners are financial members and are organisations that commit a significant financial and in-kind contribution to the program through support of ADVI’s National Centre for Excellence and in-field trial projects.

Core partners have more substantial involvement in the program, and additional benefits include a seat on the Executive Steering Committee and voting rights. This allows them to help set the strategic and scientific direction of ADVI, and influence the form and location of demonstrations and in-field trial activities.

Generally, a financial investment is for a 3-year period, in addition to in-kind support.


In comparison, ADVI’s Supporting Partners contribute through in-kind support, which can include promotion, investment of knowledge and technology, production of thought leadership papers, and underwriting of events.

While no financial commitment is required, our Supporting Partners are formally acknowledged in arrange of ways, and have opportunity to contribute to the direction of the initiative.