The Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI)

We are the peak industry advisory body that services the wide ecosystem of automated vehicle activities across Australia and New Zealand.

Our vision is to accelerate the safe and successful introduction of driverless vehicles to Australia, and we are supported by over 150 partners from across the automotive, insurance, transport, motoring, parking, communications, banking, logistics, defence, technology and research sectors, as well as local, state and national governments.

ADVI made motoring history by successfully co-ordinating an on-road driverless car demonstration in Adelaide, South Australia in late 2015 – the first trial of its kind anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our education, advocacy and demonstration efforts help to inform and raise awareness, encourage community acceptance, and promote understanding of the lifestyle benefits of driverless vehicles, and economic opportunities that come with an automated vehicle industry valued at over $95bn per annum.

ADVI undertakes independent research to assist partners and the community to better understand the opportunities and barriers to the introduction of this technology.

We also develop and share expert thought leadership papers, and provide opportunity for Australian companies and researchers to collaborate in national and international projects.

As one of only a handful of countries pioneering on-road driverless vehicle research, Australia can become a global leader in driverless vehicle technologies and invigorate its automotive and technology sectors.

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