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ADVI Public Opinion Survey

In late 2016, a sub-set of members of ADVI’s Scientific Research Group designed and conducted a public opinion survey to gauge Australian public awareness, understanding and likely acceptance of partly- and fully-automated vehicles, with the primary focus on cars.

Report: Prioritising the Safety Potential of Automated Driving in Europe

Automated driving technologies are already preventing collisions and deaths on our roads. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is now mandatory on all new cars sold in Europe. Automated Emergency Braking (AEB), Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) and lane-keeping systems are increasingly commonplace. All these systems use technology to compensate, to some extent, for human error, taking some control away from the driver under certain circumstances.
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Workshop Report: Readiness for Self-Driving Vehicles in Australia

It is recognised that policy and regulatory response to, and physical preparations for, the rapid emergence of self-driving vehicles1 will influence Australia’s competitiveness for many decades to come, yet there is a belief that the nation is not ready for this development.
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Connected Vehicles: Are we ready?

Connected Vehicles, is a companion to the comprehensive report, ‘Automated Vehicles: Are we ready?’, which was prepared by our Road Network Operations team and released in February 2015. The first report was well received and serves as an important background report aligned with our corporate strategic direction, Keeping WA Moving.
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Automated Vehicles: Are we ready?

Technology appears to be developing so rapidly that we may see highly Automated Vehicles on our roads sooner than expected. Driverless trucks have been operating in some Western Australian mine sites for some time now, albeit with real-time control from the control centres in Perth.